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Ionospheric Sounding Map

ionspheric map
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Today's Propagation timelapse from

Be sure to check out the PropNET Propagation Studies by Art KA5DWI

The Last 24 hours Movies

Bands : 600 meters -> 23 centimeters

30 Meter

10 Meter

Background image for these maps by National Weather Service

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Ionospheric Map
The Australian Space Weather Agency

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Here is a quick propagation   tool.
 For those unfamiliar with the IARU/NCDXF Beacon Network, there are approximately 14 (of 18) actively "synced" beacons txing globally on
14.1, 18.11, 21.15, 24.93, and 28.2 mhz  -24hrs a day.
Each beacon starts with 100watts out, sending its call sign and a few dashes, the power is then automatically stepped down to 10w, then 1 w, and finally 100mW. Then, the next IARU beacon starts to transmit on the same "channel".
 Park on one of the above channels for about 3 minutes (in cw mode for dial accuracy) and see what you can copy.
There are many IARU Beacon Network programs built into today's logging software, and also a few stand alone programs. I enjoy using the "W6NEK" beacon tracker program.  Your pc clock needs to be accurate to within a second. The W6NEK program has a time sync in it.. Or try using the popular "Dimension 4" NIST sync program.
Here is the NCDXF site for info.

thanks to:
 73 Eric KL/N6SPP_bp51
on the PropNET mailing list for this info.